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carpet cleaning service
It is that time of year where we want to give our home a nice deep cleaning to give ourselves a fresh new start. The weather is getting warm and things are beginning to slow down in our hectic schedules. This is the perfect opportunity to give your home some extra attention and get everything in order once again. Our carpets don’t see deep cleaning very often which can begin to show with traffic areas, spots or stains. Getting your carpet cleaning done by professionals who care will help keep your mind at ease and give your home a fresh new start. 
Many people have difficulty finding the best carpet cleaning service in Phoenix. This is not a shock to anyone. There are many different carpet cleaning companies and many different carpet cleaning methods. Knowing exactly what you are getting is very important especially when it comes to your home and property. I am here to explain the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning method so you know what to expect from this amazing company. 

Chem-Dry Cleaning is Green Certified

Many carpet cleaning companies use highly toxic cleaning solutions which can cause damage to your carpet as well as your health. We have taken a stand in the last few years to use healthier products that keep us and our homes safe. Chem-Dry uses high quality cleaning solutions that are 100% green certified for this exact reason. None of the cleaning solutions that Chem-Dry uses contain toxins or chemicals which makes them safe to use around your children and pets. Finding a company that takes your families health into account is very important. 
Chemicals and toxins can cause illness and sickness within those that have weaker immune systems which is why it is so important. Green certified products not only work wonderfully but they also provide health benefits. The Chem-Dry cleaning solution is called The Natural for a reason. It is composed of only natural ingredients that manage to remove dirt and build up while still wreaking no havoc on your health. This solution is safe enough to drink and also removes allergens from your carpet as well. During the cleaning with the Chem-Dry solution, 98% of all allergens are removed from your carpets as well as 89% of all airborne allergens within the home. This not only makes your carpets healthier and safer but the air within your home as well.

Chem-Dry Uses Less Water

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaner
I am sure many of you have gotten your carpets cleaned and then had to wait a day or two for them to be completely dry. Many carpet cleaning companies use a large amount of water to clean your carpets which is unhealthy and damaging. Soaking wet carpets become breeding grounds for mold and mildew which can cause severe damage to your carpets and health. Wet carpets also attract more dirt to them so they don’t look completely clean at the end of the cleaning when too much water is used. 
Chem-Dry uses 70-80% less water than steam cleaners which makes for a cleaner and healthier clean. This also makes the dry time much quicker as well. Your carpet will be completely dry within just 1-2 hours rather than days. There is no opportunity for mold or mildew to form within the carpets either because of the small amount of water used during the cleaning process. Your carpets will be dry before you know it and will not attract dirt during the dry time either. 

Chem-Dry Cleaning Process

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits this company offers, it is time to explain the overall cleaning process to you. Before starting, technicians will come in and introduce themselves to you and then ask for a walk through the home to the places in which you want cleaned. If there are particular areas of concern you can point them out to technicians so they spend a little more time in that areas. Once the walkthrough has been completed, technicians get to work and begin the cleaning by applying a pre-treatment which helps remove traffic areas, spots and stains.
A new supply of solution is then mixed. The green certified cleaning solution is mixed with a small amount of water and then heated to 220 degrees. This high temperature creates a carbonation reaction which form small bubbles. These bubbles are a huge part of the cleaning process. Technicians use this solution on your carpets in a circular motion so that every carpet fiber is cleaned from all sides. The small carbonation bubbles sink deep into the carpet fibers and encase dirt, debris, hair, allergens and more. These bubbles clean from each angle and encase even the smallest particles so that they can be removed from your carpet. 
A special part of the cleaning process is the extraction. Once you use a cleaning solution, you want to remove all of the dirt that it has broken down. This is exactly what the extraction process does. This tool sucks out all of the bubbles, dirt, debris and more so that it is no longer within your carpet. This part of the cleaning also removes any excess water which is why your carpet is barely damp at the end of the cleaning and dries within just 1-2 hours. Now your carpets are allergen free, dirt free and good as new. 

Carpet Cleaning Extras

Based on your personal situation, Chem-Dry technicians will inform you of the additions they can add on to your carpet cleaning. If you home sees a lot of traffic and tends to get stained quite frequently, a protectant may be a good addition to your cleaning. If you happen to have young children or somebody with a weaker immune system within your home, then a sanitizer would be ideal for you. If you just want something new and fresh then a deodorizer may be a worthwhile addition to your cleaning. What are these things exactly though? I am glad you asked. 


Protectant is used to prevent stains and traffic areas within the home. This is used during the cleaning process so that each carpet fiber is protected. The protectant will act like a barrier on your carpet and guard against dirt and stains, keeping your carpet cleaner longer. This also makes it much easier to clean your carpet in-between professional cleanings. Dirt does not have the ability to trap itself within the carpet fibers with this on it so it is much easier to vacuum up dirt, debris and more. 


carpet cleaning service
carpet cleaning service

This product is wonderful for homes with children, pets or those whom are more prone to getting sick. This is used before the cleaning to kill 99.9% of all germs within your carpet. I highly recommend this product for families because it makes the home much safer for growing children and weak pets. Germs can cause sickness and illness so it is important to prevent them the best you can. 


The most fun product of them all. The deodorizer is added to the cleaning solution to give your home a fresh and clean smell. If you are a fan of fresh cut citrus then this is definitely something you may want to add to your cleaning. Your entire home will smell of fresh cut lemons and the mesmerizing scent will last for weeks on end. You will want to invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy this lovely fresh scent. Say goodbye to candles and air fresheners. 
Chem-Dry Cleaning Extra Services
If you are looking for more than just carpet cleaning, you are in luck. Chem-Dry also provides upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, leather cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. You can get the entirety of your home cleaned and freshened up for the year. This is the carpet cleaning company to with if you live in Phoenix, Arizona. Luckily, Chem-Dry also services Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, Surprise, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and more. Call now and get your free quote and set up your cleaning appointment today.